Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For a Paul Tronson commission call +1 250-580-1547 or email: paul@periodfinebindings.com

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ancient Antiquarian Bookbinding

Ancient Antiquarian Bookbinding - The lifetime of a book is extended every hundred years or so by rebinding. There are very few books that have not been rebound and those in need of rebinding are naturally falling to pieces through exposure to the elements and through use.

Working for years with all manner of book vandalism has meant that Paul Tronson can resurrect anything even if the book has been caught in a fire or left in a roof for four hundred years. His ingenuity and bookbinding daring are legendary.

We've moved Paul's Workshop and rare bookshop from the UK to a paradise - Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and we accept commissions from all over the world. People 'Fedex' their books to us for an assessment, valuation or restoration and often fly-in to collect their volumes.

If you'd like to contact Paul, to make an appointment to discuss a valuation, commission or just for a chat about rare books then call +1 778 433 5007 or email: paul@periodfinebindings.com at Period Fine Bindings, #204-2527 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, Vancouver Island BC Canada V8L 1Y1.

NB Sidney-by-The-Sea, Vancouver Island is a 'Booktown' with over a dozen bookshops to cater for every interest.

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Ancient Antiquarian Bookbinding

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